In May 2020, the society “Dabas koncertzāle” (Nature Concerthall) started implementation of the international project Integrated management and system of measures to reduce negative impact of invasive alien species in protected areas of crossborder region (project number: ENI-LLB‑1–077, programme: The 2014–2020 European Neighbourhood Instrument Cross-border Cooperation Latvia-Lithuania-Belarus Programme.

The following seven partners participate in the implementation of the Project:

  • Leading partner — Scientific and Practical Center of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus for Biological Resources (Belarus)
  • National Park “Braslavskije Ozjora”” (Belarus)
  • Nature Conservation Agency (Latvia)
  • University of Daugavpils (Latvia)
  • State Plant Protection Agency of Latvia (Latvia)
  • Directorate of Aukstaitijas National park un Labanoras Regional park (Lithuania)
  • Society “Nature Concerthall” (Latvia)

The objective of the Project is for all seven partners to be involved on the practical level in solving issues related to invasive species, by applying a series of different measures to create to create conditions for reducing the cross-border spread of invasive alien species, thereby preventing their negative impact on cross-border protected territories and give the opportunity for the exchange of experiences. As a result of the Project activities, the quality of management of these species will improve and help to ensure a common good to the public and resolve similar issues by implementing positive changes in systems, and both internal and external procedures for the management of invasive species, thus increasing the skills and capacities of those involved as well as the general public. In order to accomplish this, lists of invasive species with the most damaging species will be developed, modern tools, methodology for monitoring and surveillance will be carried out, monitoring will implemented, dissemination of information will be widespread and public and various organizations will be involved and informed, knowledge and experience will be shared, as well as the actual destruction of the invasive giant hogweed will be done in Latvia, Lithuania and Belarus.

Within the framework of the Project, the society “Nature Concerthall” will implement public information activities par invasive species and their impact on biological diversity, by creating two multi-media events in the open-air (in the Latgale and Zemgale regions of Latvia).

The Project budget totals €560 390,94, of which 90 % or €504 351,84 constitutes financing from the European Neighbourhood instrument and 10 % — project partner co-financing.

The planned financing of the society “Nature Concerthall” dedicated for implementation of the Project is €62 277,00 which includes €56 049,30 financing from the European Neighbourhood instrument, €3 113,85 of Latvia’s national financing and €3 113,85 financing from the society “Nature Concerthall”. 

Project implementation period: 24 months

This publication has been developed with the support of financing from the European Union. The society “Nature Concerthall” is fully responsible for its content and it cannot in any way be considered to reflect the opinions of the European Union. 

Information on the activities of the Project are available on the society “Nature Concerthall’s” webpage as well as on the webpage of the programme.

Download the press release (pdf): EN / LV